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Disappearing Blog

If you have visited this site in the last couple of days, you may have received odd HTTP error messages. This blog "disappeared".
On Wednesday (23rd) afternoon, the server that hosted this blog, along with the amset web sites suffered a hardware failure. It was the worst kind of failure for a web server - the hard disk.
The hosting company replaced the machine quickly and I was able to get the amset web sites running around six hours later.
Unfortunately the blog had to wait as it required more work, including configuring Community Server to operate in the way that I liked.
I have now completed the configuration and am in the process of populating the blog with my old articles.
I kept a copy of the articles offline on my home system, along with original publishing dates so I can easily restore the content.
I also took the opportunity to update the server to the latest release of Community Server.
For those of you reading this through RSS, I apologise for the number of "new" articles that you have seen popup. That was me repopulating the blog and couldn't be helped.