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Community Event Follow Up

On the 21st June 2007 a UK based Exchange User group called MMMUG ( held a community event hosted by Microsoft. This was also attended by some of the other UK user groups.

I attended and assisted with a the breakout sessions for Exchange 2007 along with Nathan Winters of the MMMUG.

During and after the breakout presentations I was asked the same couple of questions more than once. In case you were there and didn't get to ask me those questions, here they are along with the answers.

Q: Where can I get SSL certificates for US$30?
A: This was in relation to the section of our presentation about the SSL issues with Exchange 2007 (discussed elsewhere on this blog:

There are two main sources that I suggest.
1. Go Daddy.
Their certificates are US$20 a year and are compatible with Windows Mobile 5 with the MSFP update and later.
However their certificates are a little more complex to install server side, but it isn't that bad. They also aren't good for domains as their authorisation process seems to fail.

2. RapidSSL.
Their certificates are US$60 a year, but if you look around for their resellers you can find them as low as US$30.
RapidSSL also do 30 day trial certificates, which are good to get to grips with the process. If you have a trial certificate and then upgrade you get a discount.
Good for domains.
However their certificates are not trusted by Windows Mobile, so you have to import the root certificate yourself (

Q: I would like to test Unified Messaging with Exchange 2007.
A: If you would like to use actual hardware then you need to get a cheap gateway device.
Last year Microsoft ran a trial kit with some partners (
The device that they used is readily available - if you can get someone to sell it to you without expensive consultancy.
The device is you need is an AudioCodes MediaPack 114 FXO VoIP gateway. It is an analogue device, so you can plug it in to a standard telephone line.

Q: What is your blog address?
A: In case you are reading this elsewhere, it is
I also author content on my company web site at

Q: Can we hire you?
A: Yes of course. Email contact  @