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Blackberry "Buyer's Remorse" Screen

Does someone at RIM have a sense of humour I ask myself?

While playing around with a couple of Blackberry devices that belong to a client, I went through the common list of Blackberry diagnostic codes to see if they worked on an OS6 device (they do). 

When I came to the one for the Voice and Data use (BUYR), I had a surprise when the additional information was labelled "Buyer's Remorse". See the screenshot below. 

This is from my own 9700 that I have upgraded to OS 6. I only use it for Data, it doesn't have a voice subscription. 

Wondering if this was an OS 6 thing, I checked another device. This was a brand new 9780. 

Slightly different OS versions ( on the 9780, versus on the 9700). However no label on the sections. Therefore it would appear to be a 9700 only thing. A curious way to label that information - perhaps an indication of how addictive the Blackberry can be - not known as the Crackberry for no reason!