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Blackberry 10 Simulator

If you are curious to see what the Blackberry 10 device is all about, or you need to support it, then the simulator is probably a good choice. This is available free of charge from the Blackberry web site.  The simulator usually has a more advanced version of the OS than currently available, as it is designed to help developers get ready for the new OS.  At the time of writing this mea... [More]

Free BES 10 CALs when you Activate a Blackberry 10 Device

Looks like Blackberry are running an offer for free BES 10 CALs. Activate a Blackberry 10 device and get two free CALs.   Activate a Blackberry 10 device between July 1st and August 31st 2013 and for each device you will get TWO free CALs. These CALS are the EMM Corporate type so will work for B... [More]

Free BES 5 Upgrade for BES 4.1 Users

Still using BES 4.1? Then this blog posting will be of interest to you.  There were lots of announcements from Blackberry last week during their convention, but one that probably got buried in all of the handset news is probably of interest to Exchange administrators.  If you are still on BES 4.1 then you can now get a free upgrade to BES 5. That is the full BES, not BES Express. ... [More]

Got a Blackberry on BIS - Got Exchange/SBS - You Need a BES Express

  If you were affected by the Blackberry Internet Service outage today (10th October 2001) and your Blackberry connects to an in-house email server running Exchange server (2003 or higher), then you really should be running a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) or BES Express (BESX). A Blackberry connected to a BES/BESX gives you the full functionality of the Blackberry with true two way syn... [More]

Blackberry Outage and the BBC

Just spoken to the Technology Editor at BBC Online to provide them with some background information on the Blackberry infrastructure following today's outage.  I briefly explained why Enterprise users were largely not affected.