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Blackberry Enterprise Server news, views and fixes. saved for the Exchange Community

I am pleased to announce that the domain has been saved for the Exchange community. This was a domain that Microsoft first used a few years ago to point to their (at the time) recently released Exchange Best Practises Analyser. There are thousands of links to this domain across the internet as well as in books and magazines. However Microsoft recently decided to allow the domain to laps... [More]

Change of Company Name

As you may be aware, my consultancy company is Amset IT Solutions Ltd. If you hire me, then this who you pay your bills to. As from 1st April 2009, that company name is no more. I changed it to Sembee Ltd. There are a number of reasons why I changed it, the main one being to more closely link the company to me in an attempt to increase business. I also wanted a shorter more general name for busi... [More]

Are you using the right feed address for this blog?

This is a posting for anyone reading this blog using a feed reader.   I am going to be making some changes to the blog in the next couple of weeks, and this could affect the RSS feed. If your feed address is "" then you can stop reading now and go somewhere else, as that feed will not be affected.   If you are using a feed that starts with the ... [More]

Massive SBS Server and Network Cleanup

Something I have been doing frequently for the last 18 months of so is cleanups of SBS 2003 servers and their associated networks. I have a number of clients in the IT Support industry who ask me to clean up their client's servers. Two of them get a new client and the first thing they do is ask me to look at it and make recommendations. In many cases it is minor cleanups or ensuring that everyth... [More]

Exchange 2007 with a Single Name SSL Certificate

I hinted in my Exchange 2007 SAN certificate posting ( that I had written an article on how to setup Exchange 2007 with a single name certificate. After cleaning it up I have now published the article. However it isn't here, as it contains screenshots which the blog seems to struggle with - you will find it on my company technical site: http://ex... [More]