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More on SSL Certificates with Exchange 2007

SSL certificates with Exchange 2007 continue to be a reoccurring question on forums, and I have recently had some common points continue to come up.  If you are looking for my guide on SSL certificate requests for Exchange 2007 then it is here: The Self Signed CertificateAs Exchange starts to mature, and installations have been in place for... [More]

Experts Exchange - Free Access

If you have used Google to look for IT solutions you will be unable to avoid Experts Exchange. However many IT professionals avoid their answers because they are in the mistaken belief that they need to pay for access. As a previous user of Experts Exchange, including expert of the year for three years in a row, I never paid them a penny, even before I started clocking up the large number of poin... [More]

Testing Antivirus Exclusions

As you should be aware, certain directories on an Exchange server should be excluded from scanning by antivirus products. These are Microsoft's recommendations on which directories those should be:Exchange 2007: 2003: 2000: However if y... [More]

Hotfix for the Exchange 2003 Greylisting Bug

If you are using Exchange 2003 then you may have experienced the greylisting bug. This is the issue where messages disappear from the queues only to reappear as Non Delivery Reports when the server or the SMTP Server Service is restarted. At last, Microsoft have released an update for this problem which is described here: can also download the hotfix fro... [More]

Manage Exchange 2003 from Windows Vista

At last Microsoft have released an official method to maange Exchange 2003 from Windows Vista. No more copying DLLs around and generally hoping for the best. Although using Terminal Services to connect to the Exchange server is still the best way to do it, and is what I continue to d... [More]