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Things you get asked at presentations - the custom MMC

I do quite a few presentations, in public and to small groups in private. After each one you always ask if they have any questions. Never asked the same questions twice, some want to know about OWA, others about Powershell or the management console. At a recent presentation, the only thing they wanted to know about was this: When I build my demonstration environments, I always create a custom ... [More]

Windows Mobile Compatible Certificates

When you are deploying Windows Mobile in to your Exchange environment, you should be using an SSL certificate to secure the deployment. However the number of SSL certificates that Windows Mobile trusts is much smaller than the number supported by Internet Explorer or Firefox on your desktop. This means one of two things. 1. You need to purchase a certificate from one of that small list. 2. You h... [More]

Exchange 2007 Edge - What is the Point?

Having now completed a few Exchange 2007 deployments, upgrades and consulted on a few more, not one of them has featured an Edge server. Which made me think, what is the point of Edge services for most users? To use Edge you need to purchase another Exchange 2007 license which isn't cheap. What do you get for your money? Simply the ability to put a machine in a DMZ or similar network. The edge ... [More]

Out of Office Messages and Email Discussion Lists

As you would probably expect, I am a member of a number of email discussion lists based around Microsoft Exchange. These include the lists at Sunbelt Software, (via freelists), and some others. However what always surprises me is the number of Out of the Office (OOTO) messages that I get from these lists when I make a post. As Exchange admins they should be able to use d... [More]

Community Event Follow Up

On the 21st June 2007 a UK based Exchange User group called MMMUG ( held a community event hosted by Microsoft. This was also attended by some of the other UK user groups. I attended and assisted with a the breakout sessions for Exchange 2007 along with Nathan Winters of the MMMUG. During and after the breakout presentations I was asked the same couple of questions more... [More]