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Windows Mobile 6.0 Emulator Images

Kudos to Jason Langridge for this one. Windows Mobile 6 emulator images are available for download from Microsoft. You will need the emulator installed on your machine, with the various networking components etc. Unlike the previous SDK images, these work in the standalone emulator. The emulator is ideal if you are looking at Exchange 2007 as you can see the extra features of Windows Mobile 6 ... [More]

Problems with Email Delivery to Hotmail/MSN?

There have been increasing number of posts on forums about problems with email delivery to Hotmail/MSN domains in the last few weeks. As the numbers seemed to be higher than usual, I made some enquiries and received a response which I will summarise here. Apparently they changed something at the beginning of April, that has caused problems for "small senders" (their words, not mine). The sug... [More]

Routing Groups and SMTP Virtual Server Issues

When you are carrying out many installations and migrations, it is too easy to presume that a site is setup in the same way as the others, particularly when a specific technique works every time. When you get a site where it doesn't work in the same way, it throws you off a little bit. I have recently carried out an installation for a client where a number of a factors caused some problems that ... [More]

Downloadable Guides to Deploying Exchange 2007 Now Available

Four guides for deploying Exchange 2007 are now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. They are all Word documents, so easily transportable. Deploying a Standard Exchange Server 2007 Organization: a Simple Exchange Server 2007 Organization: a Large Exchange Server 2007... [More]

The Problem with Backup MX Services and an Alternative

As email becomes more critical to a company the issue of what happens with email if the server or internet connection fails is often raised. One solution that is frequently mentioned is backup MX services. This is where a server located elsewhere is listed in your MX records with a higher MX value. The theory being that in the event of your server being available, the backup server will collect yo... [More]