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Blackberry Support for Exchange 2010 News

Interesting little snippet posted on the RIM web site today. "October 20, 2009 - Research In Motion (RIM) is pleased to notify you that we are working in close collaboration with Microsoft on compatibility and support for BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010. Compatibility is expected later this year. BlackBerry® Technical Support Services for BlackBerry E... [More]

Anti Spam Product Selection

A common question that keeps coming up on forums and similar sites is "What is the best anti spam solution?" Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question. I usually respond with something like "What is the best car, best house, best wife?" The only answer is that the best product is the one that works for you. On most forums, most of the posters will have experience with one or two p... [More]

Real Time Blacklisting

Blacklisting. For some email administrators Blacklists are the greatest weapon against spam. It cannot be denied that they can have a significant effect on the amount of email that your server has to process, and they do meet the primary objective of spam detection - dealing with the email at the point of delivery, therefore  reducing back scatter. They are also free, and once setup require l... [More]

Exchange 2007 SP2 Released

Exchange 2007 SP2 has been released at last. You can download it from here: The service pack is so large because it is the complete installation files. You can install a new server using this download only. Release Notes are : [More]

Exchange Database Size and Limits

The database of an Exchange server is something that seems to raise a lot of questions with Exchange administrators. Many of the questions appear to be around the size of the database and its limits. This article should help to increase the understanding of the database size and limits. I have also touched on the thorny topic of offline defrags. First some terminology. Where I mention VERSION, t... [More]