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Cross Site DAG Issue When Using A Load Balancer

Just deployed a new Kemp Load Balancer with a client which promptly broke their cross site DAG. Usual horrible error: [PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Status WARNING: Unable to get Primary Active Manager information due to an Active Manager call failure. Error: An Active Manager operation failed. Error The Microsoft Exchange Replication service may not be running on s... [More]

Experiences with IPv6

  IPv6 has and continues to cause a lot of confusion for network administrators. I suspect that a lot of it is down to misunderstanding about the new system and therefore people blame it for problems because it is new. In forums, I see a lot of people who simply post that the problem is "IPv6" and it should be disabled because it is "known to cause problems". I have been asked to clean ... [More]