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Out of the Office Messages to the Internet

When setting up the Exchange server, you need to consider whether to allow Out of the Office Messages (OOTO) to the internet or not. These are not sent to the internet by default on Exchange, you have to actually go in to the system and set the option. However should you enable the option? Some people consider them to be important, others a hindrance. If you are a member of any email distribution ... [More]

Mailbox Limits

There has been some chatter in a number of forums on setting mailbox limits.  How big they should be  Should they be used at all  Good practise to work with limits. One of the first questions people ask is whether there is anything official from Microsoft on limits of mailboxes. At the time of writing there are only broad recommendations.  That would be like a car manu... [More]

Update for Exchange 2003 on

There is an important update on the Microsoft download site for users of Exchange 2003. It deals with a change in the operation of Internet Explorer following a patent case. The knowledgebase article is here: download is here:

Page Editor and 8 Million Points at Experts Exchange

I still remain very active on Experts Exchange, fitting it in with client work. Very handy thing to do while wait for an OS or application to install, server to reboot, or mailboxes to move. During the weekend I also became a page editor for the Exchange Server topic area, and in the last few minutes I have just hit the landmark level of 8 million points.

Good to Great Expert

What makes a good expert become a great expert?Becoming one of the great experts on Experts Exchange (EE) is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work. However many people become good experts, but fail to go that extra mile to become one of the greats. How do you become a great expert?Here are some points on how to become a great expert. Examples, where given, apply to Exchange server type questions b... [More]