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Cross Forest Public Folder Migration The Easy Way - Use Outlook 2010

Anyone who has done a cross forest public folder migration will almost certainly be reliving their nightmares about it simply from reading the title. I was just the same. Extract the content to a PST file, either manually (selecting about 1000 items at a go) or by using a rule, move the PST file to a machine in the new forest, then import. Slow, mind-numbing dull and therefore not the most fun p... [More]

Exchange 2010 Database Sizes

The blog is getting lots of search engine hits for Exchange 2010 databases, probably because I wrote about the database size on the older versions in the past. For older versions of Exchange see the posting here: For Exchange 2010, things are much the same. On standard edition, the initial soft limit is 50gb, which can be increased as r... [More]

Outlook 2007 Certificate Prompts with Exchange 2003

A common complaint in forums for some time has been SSL certificate prompts from Outlook 2007, when running Exchange 2003. The error is usually along the lines of "The name on the security certificate is invalid or doesn't match the name of the site." Often the first response will be connected to RPC over HTTPS, as this is the only part of Exchange 2003 that can use SSL certificates for Outlook ... [More]

Short URL for

One of the most useful online tools to come out of Microsoft for the Exchange product is their testexchangeconnectivity site - or to give it's correct name - the Microsoft Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA). However the URL is a mouthful, and if you are typing it as often as I do, it is easy to make mistakes. Therefore I have setup a short URL for it using our Exchange community site e... [More]

SBS 2008 Certificate Installation

21st April 2011 An Updated and revised version of this article can be found on our main site here: In recent months I seem to have spent longer with SBS deployments, rather than Exchange 2007 or 2010. Therefore I have had lots of time to get annoyed with how SBS 2008 works with SSL certificates. Exchange 2007 is very dependant on SSL cer... [More]