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Why you shouldn't use "catch all" mailboxes

This is another post in my serious of articles on why you shouldn't use certain features in Exchange, even though they are there. As with the other articles, the article does NOT tell you how to enable the feature in question. In this post I am going to outline why a "catch all" mailbox is a bad idea. Many of the points in this article also apply to enabling the option to have a copy of any Non De... [More]

Blackberry Server 4.1.x and Exchange 2010 - Working

With the release of official support for Exchange 2010 and BES 5.0, I thought I would have another crack at getting Exchange 2010 to work directly with BES 4.1. This is instead of using an Exchange 2007 server somewhere in the mix. I used Blackberry Professional Server in my testing, installed on Windows 2003 separate to Exchange 2010. To my surprise, I have managed to get it working - with no... [More]

Exchange 2007 SP2 Install tool for SBS 2008 Released

At last Microsoft have released the installation tool for Exchange 2007 SP2 on SBS 2008. Looks fairly straight forward to use, download the service pack as normal, download the tool and then run the tool. You can get more information about the tool and download it from this KB article: Exchange 2007 has been rock solid in my experience and if you ... [More] saved for the Exchange Community

I am pleased to announce that the domain has been saved for the Exchange community. This was a domain that Microsoft first used a few years ago to point to their (at the time) recently released Exchange Best Practises Analyser. There are thousands of links to this domain across the internet as well as in books and magazines. However Microsoft recently decided to allow the domain to laps... [More]

Truly Spectacular Results from Vamsoft ORF

I have mentioned before the results I have received from Vamsoft ORF in the past, most recently using they honey pot feature However recently I deployed the product with another client and the results are truly spectacular. The client has approximately 300 users, and they noticed the results almost immediately. It was deployed as I have writt... [More]