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Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images Available

I have blogged in the past about the Windows Mobile emulator, as I have found it an excellent tool when testing new solutions, looking at problems and generally getting to grips with the mobile side of Exchange. It also means that I can leave my own PDA alone rather than using it for testing. Microsoft have now made available emulator images for Windows Mobile 6.1. While these are primarily desi... [More]

One morning you find that there is spam in the queues, your server has been blacklisted etc...

One of the worst experiences for an Exchange administrator is to come in one morning and find that either email is being blocked, the queues are long or the users are getting NDRs saying that the server is blacklisted. This seems to result in confusion amongst administrators who then go looking for advice only to get conflicting answers on what the problem might be. I am going to try and clear u... [More]

Why You Shouldn't Enable the POP3 Server

This is another post in my series of articles on why you shouldn't use certain features in Exchange, even though they are there. As with the other articles, the article does NOT tell you how to enable the feature in question. The other articles in this series are: - why you shouldn't use the POP3 connector: home grown versus commercial SSL ce... [More]

Share an Exchange 2007 Server (UK Only)

Would your company like to use Exchange 2007, but are finding the costs too high, you don't have the internal skill set or just want to outsource it?However have you found that hosted Exchange is too limiting for your company needs or you want a more personal approach to the management of your server? If so, then we may have the answer. I have recently been talking to a few clients who would li... [More]

Improve Exchange 2007 MC Performance - Use Windows XP

If you have used Exchange 2007 for anything more than 2 minutes, you will quickly notice that the performance of the Exchange Management Console (EMC) is very poor - no matter how much memory or processing power you have on your server. While moving content on the blog, I was reminded of a post where I linked to an announcement about the Exchange 2003 management tools being made available for 32... [More]