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Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images Available

I have blogged in the past about the Windows Mobile emulator, as I have found it an excellent tool when testing new solutions, looking at problems and generally getting to grips with the mobile side of Exchange. It also means that I can leave my own PDA alone rather than using it for testing.

Microsoft have now made available emulator images for Windows Mobile 6.1. While these are primarily designed for developers, they will run standalone with the Windows Mobile emulator.

For those of you using Exchange 2007 this release also gives you the opportunity to test out the new policies that were introduced with Exchange 2007 SP1 which bring the functionality of Windows Mobile closer to that of Blackberry , with control over the devices and the features that are enabled. (More information on those polices here:

Network Support

I tried to get these images to work on my Vista machine, using the now withdrawn network driver. However the network driver would not install on to the machine. Instead I had to download and install Virtual PC on to my machine (something that I was hoping to avoid).
On my Windows XP machine the network driver would install fine and worked well with these images.

Download Links

You need to download both parts, although if you already have the emulator installed then these new images will work with it fine.

Windows Mobile Emulator 3.0:

Windows Mobile 6.1 Emulator Images Download:

Windows Mobile 6.0 Emulator Images Download:

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