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32 bit Tools for Exchange 2007 Released - 700mb Download!

Scott Schnoll is reporting on his blog ( that Microsoft have released 32 bit management tools for Exchange 2007. This allows you to manage Exchange remotely in the same way that you could by installing Exchange 2003/2000 system tools on to other machines.

However the download is almost 700mb!

Apparently it includes the help file, the best practises tool, the help file etc.

Download the tools from here:

What the download does not include is the additional tools that you need to install first…

MMC 3.0
Net Framework 2.0 (plus an update)

So you will need to download those.
Use the links I posted on my blog a little while ago (
If you installing the Exchange tools on Windows XP, make sure that you get the XP versions of the additional components, as the Windows 2003 versions do not install on XP.

You also need to install the core components of IIS. For Windows XP this is just 1mb, which is installed through Add/Remove Programs, Windows Components. Go in to IIS and choose "Common Files".

The installation defaults to Typical, which includes some server roles, which is very odd. You will need to change to custom installation and then select just the management tools.

Once installed, there is no change in the functionality - it is the same as the tools on the server itself.

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