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Exchange 2007 Updates Underway on

I have started the long process of reviewing every page in the Exchange and Outlook sections of my technical site for Exchange 2007 compatibility. While for some articles this is quite easy, as the principles remain the same, others require a completely new article - such as the Mobile Access setup guide (original:
and the spam cleanup guide (

The articles that have been reviewed and updated are here and I will keep that list up to date until all articles are updated. It will then contain a list of Exchange 2007 specific articles.

The compatibility table on every page is being updated as I review the articles. If I haven't touched the page then the table says "Maybe" for Exchange 2007 compatibility.

Waiting for my Exchange 2007 Migration Guide? - Sorry, you will have to keep waiting.

If you are waiting for an Exchange 2007 of my migration guide (Exchange 2003 version here: then you will have to wait a big longer. I have done a few migrations now, but keep changing my mind on the best way to do it. At the moment the "guide" consists of notes in Microsoft One Note, which increases in size with every subsequent migration.

However, if you are migrating off Exchange 2003/2000 to Exchange 2007, then the current guide will help a great deal. The principles still apply, you still need to replicate public and system folders and the order of work are still valid. The Exchange 2007 version, when I get round to writing my notes will almost certainly be based on that just with additional notes for Exchange 2007. I was also waiting for Exchange 2007 as Service Pack 1 introduced GUI for public folder management which makes the migration process much easier and now wish to do a few migrations using that version to hammer down the best way to do it.

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