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Three Rules of Microsoft Licensing

I have been posting these three rules of software licensing in various forums for a couple of years now, so it made sense to include them here.
Purchasing software licenses for Microsoft products is daunting, with multiple choices and schemes available to you. However as long as you consider these three rules, you shouldn't go too far wrong.

  1. Get at least three opinions, including one from Microsoft.
    Even some people at Microsoft don't understand all the options, so if you aren't sure on something then make sure that you get three opinions. 
  2. Get in writing.
    Without it in writing, it is worth nothing if you are audited. 
  3. The most expensive option will be the correct one.
    That is pretty obvious I think.

It will not make licensing any easier, but it will help you sleep at night in the knowledge that you have at least tried to do the right thing.

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