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Exchange 2016 DAG - Move Active Database Failed

Spent most of the week dealing with a flapping DAG database - flipping between two servers, which turned out to be a bad network cable.


Anyway, while trying to get the databases to activate correctly during troubleshooting I hit this lovely error (real server name/database changed).


Error: Mailbox Database 1

An Active Manager operation failed. Error: The database action failed. Error: Move for database 'Mailbox Database 1’ was suppressed because too many moves have happened recently. 3 moves have happened within 01:00:00. [Database: 'Mailbox Database 1', Server:]


Basically tried to activate a database three times in a hour and Exchange stops it from happening again.


Off to PowerShell and skip the checks:


Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase -Identity "Mailbox Database 1" -SkipMoveSuppressionChecks -ActivateOnServer


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