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Microsoft Announce Windows 365

Just as everyone was starting to look at Azure Virtual Desktop (formally Windows Virtual Desktop), Microsoft announce another new service - Windows 365. 

The big difference is that the main version that will appeal to small businesses supports AzureAD as the primary and sole domain - unlike Azure Virtual Desktop which still requires a hybrid domain with your on premise or a full server in Azure. For companies that want to go completely serverless, this is going to be the product they will go for.

For MSPs, particularly those that support the smaller companies, this could be a game changer with regards to support. Convert the current desktops in to thin clients, or even just switch to thin clients and have everyone running on the same virtual platform, whether they are at home or in the office. New member of staff joins, they can bring their own machine in, or just have something sat on the shelf waiting. You could even use a Raspberry PI for access!

Of course the main thing here is going to be pricing, which we need to wait a few more weeks for. As it is priced per user, rather than time based as with Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft get it priced right, it could be a winner.
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