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Exchange 2007 Updates Underway on

I have started the long process of reviewing every page in the Exchange and Outlook sections of my technical site for Exchange 2007 compatibility. While for some articles this is quite easy, as the principles remain the same, others require a completely new article - such as the Mobile Access setup guide (original: and the spam cleanup gu... [More]

Google and a New Site - Who Needs SEO?

Last year I was playing around with Google Custom Search, to try and improve the search functionality on While I was experimenting, I built custom search engines for the knowledgebase's of Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, Palm, Apple, Adobe and a few others. Rather than waste the work I had done, I put them in to some rough web code I use for basic web sites, registered a domain name a... [More]

Experts Exchange - Expert of the Year - Again

For the third year in a row, I am expert of the year at Experts Exchange. I also answered the most questions during the year - 5798 - which is an average of just over 16 questions a day. I also picked up most points from assists. In other Experts Exchange news, I have decided to take a break from it for a while, so that I can concentrate on m... [More]

Community Event Follow Up

On the 21st June 2007 a UK based Exchange User group called MMMUG ( held a community event hosted by Microsoft. This was also attended by some of the other UK user groups. I attended and assisted with a the breakout sessions for Exchange 2007 along with Nathan Winters of the MMMUG. During and after the breakout presentations I was asked the same couple of questions more... [More]

Blog Gone

You may well have noticed that this blog disappeared yesterday (8th March). The web server it was hosted on suffered a hard disk failure - the second in eight months (see here for last time: The disk was replaced, but everything had to be reinstalled. Setting Community Server to how I prefer takes a little while, but here it is. I am slowly ... [More]