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As I have been been granted the trademark "Sembee", I have also changed my twitter handle to @Sembee . Nothing much on the twitter feed at the moment though. 

April 1st

In my house April 1st is greeted with some trepidation. I don't mean the April fools jokes, trying to spot when friends and families are trying to catch you out, but something else.   For me, April 1st is when I hear if Microsoft have honoured me with MVP status for another year.   MVPs are awarded annually, and this happens every quarter. I am on the 2nd quarter, so get the email o... [More]

Sembee Ltd @ 10 - A Retrospective Look at the First 10 Years

Ten years ago I sat in my small flat in Hampshire, logged on to a web site and after handing over my credit card details a new company was born - Amset IT Solutions Ltd.   The name Amset I had been using on and off since 1997. At my first real IT job all of our computers were named after Egyptian gods and mine was called Amset. I continued to use that name for computers later in my career a... [More]

Got a Blackberry on BIS - Got Exchange/SBS - You Need a BES Express

  If you were affected by the Blackberry Internet Service outage today (10th October 2001) and your Blackberry connects to an in-house email server running Exchange server (2003 or higher), then you really should be running a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) or BES Express (BESX). A Blackberry connected to a BES/BESX gives you the full functionality of the Blackberry with true two way syn... [More]