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Disappearing Blog

If you have visited this site in the last couple of days, you may have received odd HTTP error messages. This blog "disappeared". On Wednesday (23rd) afternoon, the server that hosted this blog, along with the amset web sites suffered a hardware failure. It was the worst kind of failure for a web server - the hard disk. The hosting company replaced the machine quickly and I was able to get the ams... [More]

New Articles on #2

I have added some new content on OWA... Redirecting OWA... How you have can have a single URL for both OWA and OMA then redirect accordingly. Or have a plain http URL on your web site for the users to remember that redirects them to a secure site - means you don't have to open port 80 to your production network. OWA URLSBy manipulating the URL... [More]

New Articles on

A couple of new bits and pieces for my technical web site The articles on working with Distribution lists have been grouped together and can be found here: This was caused by the publication of three new articles...Creating a moderated distribution group: to make your distribution lists ap... [More]


Well I thought it might be time to join the ranks of the bloggers. Not going to bore you with personal stuff though... this will be a technical blog. Who am I?Simon Butler, aka Sembee. At the time of writing (early February 2006) I was the lead expert on Experts Exchange with in excess of 7 million points. I have over 5 million in the Exchange Server topic area alone. Expert of the year and most ... [More]