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Exchange 2007 Toolbox Shortcuts

A while ago I wrote a blog posting about creating a custom MMC which contained the Exchange 2007 Management Console, public folders, queue viewer and ADUC. This made them easier to find instead of going through the Toolbox in EMC. ( However you can create shortcuts for each of the icons in the toolbox and put them in the start menu to allow dire... [More]

Account Does Not Exist Error When Appointment Sent to Another User

One of the most common questions on forums is why does a user get a NDR (Non Delivery Report) report similar to the one below when they send an appointment to another person. The NDR will reference a user who is no longer part of the company and does not have an account on the system any longer. Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: Sales Meeting Sent: 8/2... [More]

Exchange Database Limits

There have been a number of posts on forums about the database limits in various versions of Exchange. This post is a quick summary. The limits shown also apply to Small Business Server, which has Standard edition of the relevant version installed. Exchange 2000 Standard Edition: 16gb *Exchange 2000 Enterprise Edition: Unlimited ** Exchange 2003 Standard Edition RTM and SP1: 16gb *Exchange 2003... [More]

Massive SBS Server and Network Cleanup

Something I have been doing frequently for the last 18 months of so is cleanups of SBS 2003 servers and their associated networks. I have a number of clients in the IT Support industry who ask me to clean up their client's servers. Two of them get a new client and the first thing they do is ask me to look at it and make recommendations. In many cases it is minor cleanups or ensuring that everyth... [More]

More on SSL Certificates with Exchange 2007

SSL certificates with Exchange 2007 continue to be a reoccurring question on forums, and I have recently had some common points continue to come up.  If you are looking for my guide on SSL certificate requests for Exchange 2007 then it is here: The Self Signed CertificateAs Exchange starts to mature, and installations have been in place for... [More]