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First Windows Mobile Emulator Image with AKU 2.0

If you have looked at my technical web site, recently, I have an article on using the Windows Mobile 5.0 emulator to ease support of Windows Mobile devices. (
Unfortunately the emulator images aren't keeping up to date with the Windows Mobile released versions, and as such there isn't one with the latest MSFP update.

However Microsoft have recently released the first emulator image with the AKU 2.0 update, which you can download from here:

When you install the download it claims to require the SDK and Visual Studio, but it doesn't actually check for these, so you can install if you don't have either installed.

The files install to the following location by default:
C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce500\Emulator Image for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone 320x240 (Landscape)

All is not what it seems.

The download file does not contain a dess file, but an nb0 file, making its use a little more complex. It is also a Smartphone image, not a Pocket PC image, which limits your options somewhat.

However if you would like a look, you need to use a complex command line string to start the image. As it is a Smartphone image you need to use the supplied skin so that you can actually control the device.
Also note that the skin doesn't have numeric keypad, but you can use the numbers on your keyboard to enter those.

Here is the command line I have been using:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Device Emulator Preview\DeviceEmulator.exe" "C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce500\Emulator Image for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone 320x240 (Landscape)\Deviceemulation\0409\SP_USA_QVGA_LANDSCAPE.nb0" /skin "C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce500\Emulator Image for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone 320x240 (Landscape)\Skin\Smartphone_Landscape_QVGA.xml" /n /tooltips OFF /memsize 256 /s "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Device Emulator Preview\smartphoneaku2.dess"

Not pretty.

If I tear it down to remove the paths, it is actually:

DeviceEmulator.exe SP_USA_QVGA_LANDSCAPE.nb0" /skin Smartphone_Landscape_QVGA.xml /n /tooltips OFF /memsize 64 /s smartphoneaku2.dess


DeviceEmulator.exe would be the full path to the device emulator

SP_USA_QVGA_LANDSCAPE.nb0 is the nb0 file from the download

/skin Smartphone_Landscape_QVGA.xml is the Smartphone skin that is also in the download

/tooltips OFF turns off the tool tips

/memsize 64 is the size of the RAM in mb.

/s smartphoneaku2.dess is the name of the file to save the machine to once you have started it once.

You should be able to develop your own path based on your install locations. Once you have run it once - then you can simply save the machine and restore the file using the Device Emulator Manager.

SSL Certificates
The device is locked, so importing an SSL certificate is a little more complex. That will have to wait for another blog post.

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