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Windows Mobile Emulator Released, with MSFP Images

Microsoft have released the Windows Mobile emulator as a finished product. It was a Public Preview in the past.

Along with the emulator itself, they have also released images for Windows Mobile 5.0 containing the MSFP firmware upgrade, so you can now test almost all features for yourself. The one feature that doesn't work is the push technology, as this requires a mobile phone connection. However all other aspects work as they do on a full installation.

Download links are below.

One point to note - unless you have Virtual Server or Virtual PC installed on the machine, you will need to install the VPC driver (link also below). However after installing this driver it is not enabled. You have to go in to the properties of your Ethernet card and enable the option.

The application still has a problem if you have a regular Windows Mobile device connected at the same time as you start the emulator, so make sure that it is disconnected before starting if you want the emulator to see your network.

Download Links.

Emulator Installation and MSFP images

Virtual Machine Network Driver

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Emulator Images (Required validation)

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