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Well I thought it might be time to join the ranks of the bloggers.
Not going to bore you with personal stuff though... this will be a technical blog.

Who am I?
Simon Butler, aka Sembee. At the time of writing (early February 2006) I was the lead expert on Experts Exchange with in excess of 7 million points. I have over 5 million in the Exchange Server topic area alone.
Expert of the year and most answered questions on that site in 2005. In 2004 I was Rookie of the year. I reached the top of the tree in less than two years, only actively posting for just a little over 18 months.
You will also see me contributing to other forums and email lists, mainly on Exchange server topics.
I was awarded the MVP status in Microsoft Exchange server in April 2005.

The Blog?
You will probably find opinion pieces and technical snippets that aren't really suitable for the main web site at

For the technical howtos you should still look at and if you want to hire me to work on your Exchange project (UK only though) then you need to go to

Comments and ratings are currently turned off while I get to grips with these things. If you want to ask me a question about Microsoft Exchange server and you aren't a client, then put it on one of the forums or email lists where it will be picked up. Business proposals need to go through Amset (see above).

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