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A couple of new bits and pieces for my technical web site

The articles on working with Distribution lists have been grouped together and can be found here:

This was caused by the publication of three new articles...
Creating a moderated distribution group:
How to make your distribution lists appear at the top of the Global Address List (which is actually quite old, but was buried on another page)
And how to hide the membership of a group, or even the existence of a group from the GAL.

Elsewhere, two pages have been added to the Pocket PC section, which may be of interest to Exchange Server administrators.
Working with SSL Certificates deals with getting SSL certificates on the handheld devices. If you are deploying OMA or Exchange Active Sync then this could be of interest to you.
Using the Windows Mobile 5.0 Emulator could also be of interest as it lets you simulate what the users are doing with their devices can aid support of those devices by your support team.

Many of the articles on the web site are reviewed frequently, as I update the techniques or correct errors, so please check back often!

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