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Where to get free support for Microsoft Exchange Server

If you are having problems with your Exchange server, you have a number of sources for assistance.  You can Google for the problem, and in many cases this will bring up something that can assist you. If you have a fairly specific problem though, you might need to actually explain it to someone to get assistance. For that you have two main sources.  1. Microsoft Support - this is of co... [More]


You may have heard of an email initiative called DMARC, which is supported by many of the major email providers. What is DMARC and how does it benefit Exchange server administrators.? What is DMARC? DMARC - Domain-based Message, Authentication, Reporting and Conformance is basically a standardisation of how is email is handled by a number of email authentication mechanisms such as SPF.  As... [More]

SSL Compatibility and Testing

SSL certificates are a constant source of pain for Exchange administrators. With Exchange 2007 and 2010 so heavily dependant on web services, getting SSL setup correctly is important for correct operation.  A lot of SSL certificate deployment is now being done for mobile device support, and then you open a new issue - SSL certificate compatibility.  Recently I found a large list of SSL... [More]

Autodiscover Proxy Failure

An interesting little issue with a client's configuration caused a problem recently. The problem only affected users off site using Outlook Anywhere. While they could get their email correctly, the availability service didn't. This stopped Out of the Office from working correctly unless OWA was used, or the end user was in the office.   This particularly configuration uses a Client Access S... [More]

Got a Blackberry on BIS - Got Exchange/SBS - You Need a BES Express

  If you were affected by the Blackberry Internet Service outage today (10th October 2001) and your Blackberry connects to an in-house email server running Exchange server (2003 or higher), then you really should be running a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) or BES Express (BESX). A Blackberry connected to a BES/BESX gives you the full functionality of the Blackberry with true two way syn... [More]