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Blog - All Change

Its all change here on and I have an apology to make to visitors.

First the change. If you aren't reading this on the RSS feed, then you will have noticed things look a little bit different. This is because I have changed the blog engine that I am using.

Since I started blogging in 2007 I have used Community Server, nursed back to life after two server failures, plus version upgrades. However with the change of my underlying OS to Windows 2008 R2, I decided it was time to switch to something a little more basic. I only used the blogging functionality of Community Server, nothing else. Plus I wanted to drop the SQL database dependency.

Therefore I have switched to The change was relatively painless, I was running with it on a private URL in less than 30 minutes. What took the time was putting redirect files in to place so that URLs were redirected to the new format. That is now complete (I hope).

You might find that the theme changes, I am still looking for one that I am 100% happy with, and may end up creating my own, or getting one created for me to match the other sites that I have through Sembee Ltd. I haven't quite decided. The content will stay the same.
The HTML code is a bit odd in places, which I will correct as I find the postings, but that is a display issue, nothing more.

Comments are still turned off, because I have seen then turn in to support forums before, and blogs are a really bad way for that kind of thing - use a forum instead. 

Now for the apology.

If you sent a message through the Contact option in the previous Community Server based blog format, then I didn't receive it. I had thought I had disabled all of the options for contact via the blog itself, preferring to receive direct email messages. However when I started to pull the original installation of Community Server apart, I found 70 pages of contact attempts in a location I had never looked at before - called "Feedback". Most of it was spam, and was deleted, but there were still seven pages of legitimate messages, dating back to 2008. I hadn't seen of them.

Big oops.

I am not going to reply to the lost messages now, as they will be very old and no longer relevant. However if you sent me a message via the blog and did not get a reply, it wasn't intentional. They simply went in to a location I didn't know was there.

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