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I have written a number of new articles for our technical site and finished off some that have been in preparation for a while.
Plus many articles have had minor revisions, links updated etc.

Exchange Related Articles

SMTP Diagnostics
A quick guide on diagnosing mainly outbound email delivery problems.

Build a Gateway Server
How to build and configure an SMTP Gateway to sit in your DMZ, a cheap way of getting the "Edge" functionality of Exchange 2007.

Where has the disk space gone?
Where does all the space go on an Exchange server?

Mailbox Account (E2003)
Setting up a special account for accessing mailboxes en-masse, for example with exmerge or to make a bulk change using set perm.

Post Install Configuration Guide (E2003)
A quick run down of the things you should do to an Exchange Server once installation is complete.

Non Exchange Updates

The web site isn't just about Microsoft Exchange. The three most popular articles on the site are not Exchange related at all!

Internet Explorer Section
Another new section. I have written some new things for Internet Explorer and moved around other content from elsewhere on the site and collected it together in its own section.
New content includes Custom Side bar creation and creating a search sidebar - which was removed from Internet Explorer 7.

Synchronising Windows Mobile over Bluetooth
The articles on this process to date have been for Windows Mobile 2002 but are still some of the most popular on the site. Those are still available, but now I have also written two new pages on how to pair and sync over Bluetooth with Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.

Windows Mobile Internet Sharing
A brilliant new feature of Windows Mobile 6 is Internet Sharing. This allows you to use the Internet Connection of your PDA with your laptop.
I used this while at the Microsoft community event earlier in June because Microsoft UK still don't have guest wifi access! If you have a T-Mobile web and walk tariff on your PDA you can get the best use of it with this feature.

Coming Soon
We have something new coming soon for Microsoft Exchange Server. Launch hopefully within the next couple of weeks… more information will be released when we feel ready to share…

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