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Blackberry Enterprise Server news, views and fixes. saved for the Exchange Community

I am pleased to announce that the domain has been saved for the Exchange community. This was a domain that Microsoft first used a few years ago to point to their (at the time) recently released Exchange Best Practises Analyser. There are thousands of links to this domain across the internet as well as in books and magazines. However Microsoft recently decided to allow the domain to laps... [More]

Truly Spectacular Results from Vamsoft ORF

I have mentioned before the results I have received from Vamsoft ORF in the past, most recently using they honey pot feature However recently I deployed the product with another client and the results are truly spectacular. The client has approximately 300 users, and they noticed the results almost immediately. It was deployed as I have writt... [More]

Hosted Exchange 2010 - not for 12 Months

Starting to see lots of questions on forums about setting up a hosted Exchange 2010 system. Well to be supported, you are going to have to wait 12 months. "Hosting in Exchange 2010 will be supported approximately twelve months after the release of Exchange 2010."

Blackberry Support for Exchange 2010 News

Interesting little snippet posted on the RIM web site today. "October 20, 2009 - Research In Motion (RIM) is pleased to notify you that we are working in close collaboration with Microsoft on compatibility and support for BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010. Compatibility is expected later this year. BlackBerry® Technical Support Services for BlackBerry E... [More]

Anti Spam Product Selection

A common question that keeps coming up on forums and similar sites is "What is the best anti spam solution?" Unfortunately there is no single answer to this question. I usually respond with something like "What is the best car, best house, best wife?" The only answer is that the best product is the one that works for you. On most forums, most of the posters will have experience with one or two p... [More]