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I am pleased to announce that the domain has been saved for the Exchange community.
This was a domain that Microsoft first used a few years ago to point to their (at the time) recently released Exchange Best Practises Analyser. There are thousands of links to this domain across the internet as well as in books and magazines.

However Microsoft recently decided to allow the domain to lapse and early this morning it was finally deleted.

Fortunately I was able to register it myself through my consultancy company Sembee Ltd and therefore kept it out of the hands of a domain squatter. 

I have uploaded a slightly modified version of the list of Exchange resources that I maintain at Daniel Petri's forum, which as well as the links to the Exchange Best Practises Analyzer, also contains links to other Microsoft tools, blogs etc.

While it is not the best designed web site in the world, it does the job. Hopefully the Exchange community will find it of some use.

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